Stone Sour will be releasing the first part of their new album "House Of Gold And Bones" on October 22nd and the second part in the spring of 2013 as well the comic book do go with the album. Now what makes this totally cool is what you can do with the CD when you purchase it.

This is probably one the best marketing idea's that I have seen when it comes to trying to get people buying CD's again. Now I am sure that there have been similar idea's but this is a first that I have seen.

From the video you can tell that when you combine the 2 albums it creates the "House Of Gold And Bones" which looks so sick.


So if you want to grab the digital copy then that's cool, but I still buy CD's for the insert and just to have a physical copy and Stone Sour have just raised the bar on why to buy CD's.

Check out the video and let me know if you will be buying an actual copy of the new Stone sour album.