It's kind of weird for me to write blogs like this, but #1. I ain't gettin' paid to write this and #2. I see you guys commenting on what you're eating all the time.  I've always like Sonic Popcorn Chicken, but this Supercrunch stuff is a whole new level.


First off, I shouldn't have mentioned the Popcorn Chicken at all.  While it's good, the Supercrunch Chicken is entirely different. These are chicken strips that would be right at home at ANY restaurant.  The chicken is big, plump and that crispy outside locks in the flavor and juices of the white meat chicken.  Nothing about this tastes processed or "fast-foody".  This is the kind of chicken your mom would make if she could only make the outside so crispy crunchy.

The dinner box comes with Tots, Texas Toast. a random onion ring and white gravy.  I'm pretty darn impressed.  My "lunch" happens at about ten each morning and very little is open at that time.  Now I know I can get some killer chicken at Sonic.