I always check to see what is trending and hot. I was very surprised to find a cover a Breaking Benjamin song listed. Ordinarily the 'trends' are reserved for pop singers and goofy top 40 stuff.  Sophie Splean is not trendy.  More after the jump.


These two videos are pretty simple. Good clean hard rock done with a ton of emotion and on keyboard only. The girl can rock. The stuff isn't perfect, but you can tell the songs mean something to her.  She does Breaking Benjamin, but I also noticed a new video for a Three Days Grace track.  So, I guess the allure here is, Sophie Splean is the kind of girl you'd want to take to the Birthday Bash or Xfest 10.  Check Sophie out rockin' some tracks you know really well.

Here's Sophie laying some emotion down on Breaking Benjamin's "So Cold"

Here's Sophie with an unusual choice from Three Days Grace, it's "Home"


Here's a bonus, it's apparently an earlier recording of Bullet For My Valentine (with guitar)