I can't believe there are any Soundgarden haters out there.  If Chris Cornell doesn't have best voice in all of rock, then I do know who does.  Brent Smith of Shinedown may be the heir to the throne, but Chris doesn't appear to be stepping down anytime soon.  This is one of those performances where a "performance" is not needed. He doesn't need to show off on this song, he just needs to 'be'.

This is a very cool, very minimalist video.  I'm kind of for those less story driven, more music driven videos.  Sure, this has an "ending", but for the most part it's just gorgeous visuals.  What's funny is it still makes you think a little bit about the classic visuals of "Black Hole Sun".  Here you go:



And if I got you the mood for "Black Hole Sun", here it is.