Oh Spartacus, how thou entertains me!  It's sexing and sword fighting and a lot of jumping. Yes, there aren't many shows on television that have EVER featured the amount of jumping as any single episode of Spartacus.  I have really enjoyed the Spartacus series on Starz.  If you haven't been privileged enough to check the show out, I recommend a marathon of some sort.  There's a little bit of a let down when they had to change out lead actors, but cancer kind of killed the first one.   More after the jump.


So Spartacus has more sex than Skinamax and more swordplay than, well, anything.  Than again, calling it 'swordplay' is kind of wrong.  I don't think they bump swords for more than a couple of seconds before the kill each other.  And even though I made a joke of it earlier, they do jump at each other quite often.  Oh, there's a bonus too; if you were ever a fan of "Xena-Warrior Princess",  (actress Lucy Lawless) shes all kinds of naked in the first three seasons.  The way the show is set up, I don't think you'd have a problem picking up with the new (and final) season.  Here's a preview.