I'm calling this a "spoiler alert" because the interview with Jacoby will air tomorrow (Friday) morning on the RockShow at about 7:35.  Due to rock star schedules, we recorded the interview at 11 a.m. on Thursday.  Among the non-rocking topics was his choice for the Superbowl.  More after the break.


I'm sure that like me, you've heard people place bets on certain teams for the stupidest reasons.   Some people bet just on the team colors or who has the hottest cheerleaders or other things totally unrelated to the game itself.  So, with that in mind, who does Jacoby pick? Well, being a northern Californian, he's a big 49ers fan!  He's so much of a fan, he says the 49ers will win by 7.  He's not that far of from the Vegas line either, if you bet Vegas style you have to take San Francisico -4.

So there you go, bet the rock star way if you'd like, and don't forget to join us for the full interview Friday morning.