I can remember my Spring Break experiences like they were yesterday...mainly because most had memories I would never share with my parents.

For example, one year a bunch of college friends and I were down in South Padre Island. Well, we were out of beer so we made a beer run. On the way back to our condo (with said beer), we saw some friends drive by. They slowed down, we jumped on their hood with all of our beer and asked for a ride back. We got about 20 yards before being pulled over by a few cops. Apparently, that's illegal. So, we spent the night in the Port Isabel jail...and blew all of our money on bail.

Spring was last week...did you go somewhere special? If so, share some of your experience with the rest of us. Seriously, I'm old and never have fun like that anymore...I want to live vicariously through you. I promise your parents will never find out.

This is still one of the funniest Spring Break Mistake videos ever.