The Darren Welch Group will be doing something very unique for New Years Eve. The band will celebrate the release of their new c.d. with a free early show.  You can go check out about an hour of rock, then head out to whatever party or bar you want to.


The Darren Welch Group will officially release "Volume 1" New Years Eve at the Cactus Theater at 1812 Buddy Holly. The band will light it up sometime after eight and will try to wrap things up by ten.  So check it, you get all hyped up on the rock, then they turn you loose to head to the house or whatever bar you're celebrating in.  It's just the kind of cool gesture we've grown to expect from one of the finest guitar players this town has ever seen.

There will be a cash bar and the band will be selling the c.d. for $12 if you like what you hear.

No matter what your New Years Eve plans are, we encourage you to drop by, even if it's just for a few minutes,  to wish the guys well on this new release.