It's been 3 years since Static-X played live in Lubbock, Texas; that drought will end on July 17th, when Sir Wayne Static and Static-X bring the Noise Revolution Tour 2012 to the Hub City.The new band lineup for the upcoming tour will consist of Wayne Static/guitar, Ashes/guitar, Sean Davidson/drums and Brent Ashley on bass.

According to Sir Wayne, The Noise Revolution Tour, will feature a lot of tunes off the bands first to records, and states that after his last two solo tours, getting back out playing the old Static-X material is like new again.

Davey Suicide, 9 Electric, Colossus of Rhodes, Second Drive and Fluid Frequency will open the show.  Tickets are available at Ralph's Records or check out the KFMX "Rock Show" starting Tuesday morning (7/10) for your shot a free pair.