It seems every where you look these days you find camera's monitoring what is going on, most of the time we see the lense pointed at us and never get to see what the camera "sees."

I remember several years ago watching the beach cam in South Padre Island as hurricane Ike headed towards the Texas shores. It was pretty cool to see the storm rolling in, until the cameras all went black, I don't know if they ever even got them up and running again.

Well now there is another really cool set of cameras that have been installed in the Statue of Liberty in celebration of the statues 125 anniversary.

I have never been to New York, so I find these cameras really interesting, and really cool to check out from time to time.

There are five different views, with sound, check out this sight and see what I'm talking about.

I am not a fan of huge cities or crowds, but man this view is really awesome!