Today myself, Wes Nessman, Mike Driver, Landon King (Kool FM), Amy Lee (Blake FM) and Bob Shattuck made our way to the all new, well for this area Steak 'N Shakes for lunch.

Steak 'N Shakes located 5012 Milwaukee Ave is a really good steak burger joint that boosts a single, double or triple cheese burger and believe me the triple is very good.

We all indulged into a different steak burger and I didn't hear one bad comment about the food. Now Driver, Bob and Landon threw down with a shake as well and I had a taste of Landon's chocolate shake and it was epic!

Steak 'N Shakes is very very reasonable on their prices you can get a specialty $4 steak burger and the list is long, Garlic Burger double, Jamaican Jerk Double and a 3 Pepper Double and that is just to name a few.

I highly recommend getting out there and getting your steak burger on and I promise you wont go broke doing it.