Steve-O brings his stand up comedy act/stunt show to Jake's.  Steve-O will have shows tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 and 10:30.  More after the jump.

Robert Worden

Steve-0 will be telling stories, cracking jokes and performing stunts tonight and tomorrow night at Jake's.  We had Steve-O on the RockShow this morning and this guy is funny.  He could easily fill hours with the stories he has to tell.  You saw him in all of the Jackass movies, now you can see him in person.  Steve-O also makes a point to say 'hi' and take pictures and sign autographs for everyone in the audience.  One word of warning: don't ask him to draw something on you for a tattoo, you'll end up with something that will make your mom hurl!  Tickets for Steve-O will be available at the door tonight and tomorrow night!