Oh man, how about that game with Texas?  That last quarter was like watching a terminally ill person on life support with no one around to pull the plug.  That's okay though, 7-5 is a pretty good year for a first year coach and a team that's been through so much upheaval in the last few years.


These Texas Tech players deserve a pat on the back for not being below .500 on the year.  A new coach, a new system and many of them weren't even recruited by the current staff.  You can tell that the majority of their problems are mental breakdowns.  That is indicative of a team in transition.

Let me tell you a little story. When I was a freshman, our team played a high school team that was so bad that they called up all of us freshmen and let us play varsity football for that one night.  Yes, we did beat them.  The surprise was the next year.  Those guys were so pissed in the off season that they came back and won the district the next year. Texas Tech will get used to the culture of the Kingsbury era and that will result in a more consistent football team.

I only have one request.  Can we get back to the black helmets?  They can dick around with the rest of the uniform all they want, but those black and red helmets says "Texas Tech" to me and they ought to be sacred.

Even with all that said, I like the Raiders "big play" offense.  It's (usually) fun to watch.  I'm not bailing on the Red Raiders and I hope you don't either.