Stone Sour threw down at The House Of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio a few weeks back and closed their show with a Kiss classic and what made this epic is Corey Taylor and his impersonation of Paul Stanley.

It isn't a secret that I am a huge Corey Taylor fan, if he is with Slipknot, Stone Sour or solo the guy just can do anything he wants and make it sound amazing. When you watch this video the crowd is right there with him while he gives a pretty spot on Paul Stanley impersonation until finally ripping into the Kiss classic "Love Gun."

Stone Sour are on tour with Pop Evil and the Texas dates are getting very close and if you need those details then grab them here.

Be sure and use caution with this video Corey drops the "F Bomb" several times and if you want to skip straight to impersonation of Paul Stanley then jump on at the 2:02 mark.