Reset your Care-O-Meter.

Life dealt me a pretty rough personal life.   It’s certainly not the level of a starving orphan, but it ain’t all sunshine in my world.    With this is mind, my Care-O-Meter starts tilting with the question “is someone physically hurt or dying?”  Short of that, the drama that many people feed into is just preposterous.   Read more and enjoy  a "pick me up" video after the jump.

Guess what, your boyfriend didn’t call? Well, if he isn’t dead or disfigured there’s always a chance you’ll get back together.  Your dad won’t let you stay out past eleven?  Big frig, you’ll be rid of him soon enough and you can stay up late enough to get yourself involved in something stupid.  Your girlfriend changed her relationship status to “single” on Facebook?  She’s probably just looking for attention.  It’s simple enough, unless someone is dead, phone calls aren’t that important, missing a date isn’t a big deal and nothing is worth losing your head over.

It’s great that life has got so easy that the little things may send you into a drama tailspin.  I try to always remember a story I saw on CNN.  It was a pregnant African woman stranded in a tree, during a flood, with snakes around the tree.  I crap you not.  It was a true story and I try to keep all my problems in perspective since seeing that story.  And with that, I challenge you to “reset your Care-O-Meter”.  Try harder to get along and go along.  Try to look at the big picture and remember as long as every one is alive, there’s a good chance it will all work out.