Have you ever got a fountain drink that tasted a little off?  Maybe it tasted a little fruity/nasty/moldy?  It's because it's fruity/nasty/moldy. More after the jump.


I used to start ever single day with a double big diet soda.  I still slam a couple cans.  It's not just about the caffeine with me, it's also about staying lubricated to talk all morning long.  Truth be told, I PREFER fountain drinks, but they have just got to be too sketchy.  The problem is the soft drink lines.  They have to be cleaned on a real regular basis.  Some convenience stores just don't make cleaning those lines a priority.  The fast food places on the other hand really respect the fact that there's a huge markup on soft drinks and almost all of them take care of business.

I hope some of you will join me in just saying 'no' to stink drinks.  Taste your beverage before you leave the store and if it sucks just pour it out and get a bottle. Sooner or later these guys will get the point.  You see, not only was I buying a 64 ounce-r each day, I'd pick up a few other items when I was in the store.  That money HAS to add up.  I really, really want to give these places my money but until they get consistent with the product, I'm out.