I have already told you all about some oddly named restaurants that I would love to visit, if for no other reason than to say I have been to them. I mean really who would not want to be able to tell their friends they ate at " Pho King Way."I have to admit though when I saw the names of some of these businesses, after I stopped laughing, I found myself thinking about how really cleaver some of the names are, and how really dumb some of the others seem to me.

Tell me what alcoholic would not want to buy his liquor fro "AA Liquor" Store?

What person on a health kick would not want to buy their food from a place a called the "Barfer Shoppe."

Addicted to prescriptions drugs? Why not pick up your refills form "Stoner Drug."

Or if your boss asks you to drop off a package at Fed Ex for him after a stressful day, why not drop it off at "Goin' Postal."

Check out more businesses with some shall we say "unique" names, and try to keep a straight face.