I guess now would be a good time to mention that most of the moon “names” come from the Algonquin tribe around the Great Lakes. This was the best moon for fishing around there. It is also know as the Green Corn moon, which not to be confused with next months Full Corn Moon (which is when you’re supposed to harvest it).

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I personally think we should call it “The Football Moon” because August is when football really starts to heat up. The bonus is, we can confuse the dolts out there into thinking this moon is football shaped.

This is the second of three "super moons" this year and will also appear to be the largest due to it's proximity to earth.  It is also said that it may up about 30% brighter.  Make sure you take a walk outside Sunday night to get a glimpse of this moon.  Send pictures if you get some good ones.  Yes, send us pictures of your moon. That would be awesome.