It looks like the congressional "super committee" that was set up to fix the  budget, is about to declare the project a bust. I think this makes it official, our congress is broken and apparently, can't be fixed.  This means that, short of a miracle, automatic cuts will kick in next year. I'm not totally up to speed on politics but I understand the word "negotiation."

The goal of a two-party system (and like it or not, that's what we've got) is that we can meet in the middle and make most people happy.  Instead our congress (both sides) is playing a dangerous game of "my way or the highway).  There is no "negotiation." There is no "cooperation."  There's just a "us versus them" attitude coming from everyone on both sides.

In our system there is only one way to send a vote of "no confidence" and that is to get rid of them all, and the only way to get rid of them all is to vote them out en mass as each election comes up. As of right now, that is my personal plan. I'm going to do WHATEVER I can to vote out EVERY incumbent. In their place I will be looking for rookie lawmakers that best represent the "middle" of their party; anyone 'hardcore' right or left just isn't an option.

I also think we need to revisit the idea of a "line-item veto" for the President. This would also put enormous pressure on the President to kill pork barrel congressional pet projects.

We've laid a lot of blame at the feet of this current President for the problems this country is facing. I'm not one of the haters but I will say he obviously doesn't have the sway to get congress to work together; the problem is, I don't know if ANY President could get that done.

What are your thoughts on Congress? Do you care or are you just going to hope it fixes itself?