Survivor returns to their 25 season on September 19th.  Wait, you're not that old, they do "two seasons' per year. The show actually debut in 2000, so if you remember the first season, you're old, but not too old.  The show is adding some casting twists. More after the jump.

Most of the stories I've read make a big deal out of the fact that "Blair" from "the Facts Of Life" and a former baseball MVP are on this season.  That's not what excites me.  What excites me is that they'll be broken up into three tribes, each led by a cast member that was medically evacuated before and is now being given a second chance.  The smart money is on "Colton" from last season to return as Jeff Probst called him "of the greatest Survivor villains ever".  My other guess would be Micheal Skupin, the guy that burnt his hands really bad in the second season and James Clement who was dominating everything before just physically giving out in Survivor Micronesia.  Even though one or two people were out due to injuries on every season, I'll still bet I got two out of three if not three out of three.