30th anniversary

FMX 30th B-Day Bash KoRn Meet-N-Greet (3-5-11) [PICS]
After the Disturbed meet-n-greet, we were given an hour to enjoy the music. During In This Moment's set we once again met at the secret meeting place and were secretly escorted down a hall, out a back door across an alley and into what appeared to be a secret Warehouse 13/Area 51 hanger. Shado…
FMX Is Number One Again
Just a quick note of "thank you" to all of you who have supported FMX and The Rock Show. KFMX has just reached it's 30th year (and 60th straight period) of being the number one rock station in Lubbock Texas. That is a hell of run and we owe it to you. More after the break.