Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Pay Tribute To Boston [VIDEO]
It goes without saying that Aerosmith has become a class act over the years, and that's very true because of both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The two teamed up with a children's choir from around the Boston area and performed "Dream On" in tribute of the Boston Marathon and those…
Seventh Episode Of Slash’s “Real To Reel” Released
As you'd expect we're back at it again, this time focusing solely on the vocals with Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge, the same vocal savant that provided his talents for Slash in other past productions. Click through and get yet another inside look at the happenings of the studio.
Aerosmith With Carrie Underwood: ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’ [VIDEO]
I know. I too, am dying inside as I hear this. I also know that some of you Aerosmith fans want to give them the benefit of a doubt. How can a band that rocked you so hard when you were coming up, a band that was so vital, a band that was so nasty, ever, ever, do anything wrong. Well they have, and …
Aerosmith Performs Where It All Began [VIDEO]
Aerosmith has been throwing down for over 40 years and have sold over 150 million albums in the world. Check out the video of Aerosmith performing at 1325 Commmonwealth Avenue in Boston where it all began.

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