The Worst Flight And Worst Captain Ever [AUDIO]
Have you ever seen one of those movies where it's a foreign plane and there's chickens and stuff walking around with the passengers?  This is worse, much worse.  I'm not afraid of flying, but I'd punch a brother in order to get to the emergency exit on this flight. …
The Worst Plane Flight Ever [AUDIO]
I think everybody has a bad plane and or flight story.  This one doesn't feature anyone near death or anything, but after hearing it, you'll welcome a little turbulence.  More after the jump.
Man Kicked Off Plane For Cursing
Robert Sayegh wanted to know why it was taking so long for his Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight from Detroit to Newark to get off the runway.
So he made a general inquiry as to the plane’s grounded nature that admittedly contained R-rated language.