You Sir, Are An Assh@le [VIDEO]
The latest inductee into our Assh@le hall of fame is Derek Jeter. This guy obviously has an out of control ego. You'd think he'd have a little more class than the way he purportedly wraps up his "one night stands". Check it out after the jump.
Major League Baseball Issues Dress Code For Reporters [AUDIO]
The "All-American" pastime is for all Americans, except for ones that might make the players horny. New dress codes were introduced for reporters and it's real obvious from this story what they're looking to avoid. More after the jump.
Dad Drops Daughter While Trying to Catch Foul Ball [VIDEO]
I love everything about going to a baseball game, from the stadium dogs to the cold beer...all the way down to the foul balls. Well, over the weekend a father took his daughter to see the Marlins and Dodgers go at it when all of the sudden a foul ball was hit in his direction. If a ball is hit in yo…