big purple party

FMX Big Purple Party Festivities
We have a lot of fun stuff swirling around the FMX Big Purple Party alongside the rock. I'll lay out the details on some of the stuff you can check out.  Now, none of this is promised, but it's all planned.
Your #BigPurpleParty Pics
The FMX Big Purple Party is less than a week away, and from the looks of your Instagram pics, y'all are just as excited as we are.
FMX Big Purple Party-Watch For Random Rock Stars
The FMX Big Purple Party is the shakeout, the hand picked bands from Rocklahoma and some other shows that happen at this time of year.  Some bands weren't picked because they didn't fit the bill, they plan on coming back later, they're on "vocal rest that day" or sometimes it's things as s…
FMX Big Purple Party-What If It Rains?
So we sit here counting down the days to the biggest concert event we've had in forever......and we have a  chance of rain.  So what do we do? Well, in short, we get wet.
We Have The Best Listeners In Lubbock
I don't think saying 'We Have The Best Listeners In Lubbock" is even a bold claim. It's a foregone conclusion. No other radio station even comes close and I can prove it.
FMX Ticketmonster Rocks The FMX Big Purple Party [AUDIO]
Let's start at the beginning for you newbies out there.   We have a little sound effect called "The FMX Ticketmonster".  When you hear it, be caller nine to 770-KFMX and you win tickets.  Now sometimes there are some extras or options involved.

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