Did He Really Just Say That? [VIDEO]
In this business you have to be able to say what you mean the first time, or you run the risk of the FCC "reminding" you in their own special way of the rules.
Wrap Up 2012 With The Years Best News Bloopers [VIDEO]
Local news stations are full of knuckleheads. When it comes to 'on the scene' reporters, double knuckleheads. When you get to local t.v. morning show hots, double-triple knuckleheads. All of these folks are trying to make it to the big time and most fail miserably, thanks a bunch of the time, to you…
Etrade Baby Outtakes [VIDEO]
Ever been sitting there watching TV waiting for a commercial so you can go to the kitchen and grab a snack or go to the bathroom and then a commercial finally comes on and rather than getting up and taking care of your business you find yourself sitting there actually watching the damn ad?!