blue oyster cult

Summer Songs That Rock (kinda)
This morning on the RockShow we we're lamenting the lack of 'summer' songs (and we don't 'lament' often).  Heathen is of the belief that it's more about the 'vibe', but I wanted songs that spell out the celebration of the season. On the air we conclu…
More Cowbell [Video]
What do you do if you want to get your point across that you don't like the governor of your state?
Kneel To The Power Of The “Black Blade” [VIDEO]
I don't even know what made me think of this nugget from the past, but I just blasted it and it holds up pretty well. Back in the day Sabbath held down the dark side and Blue Oyster Cult came along with themes of magic and sci-fi. In simpler terms, Black Sabbath sang about witches and Blue Oyster Cu…