Buckcherry Returns With New Music Video, Album Announcement
The rock world, hell even the entire music world, has many artists and bands that seem to change over the course of time. Buckcherry is one of those bands that consistently kicks ass and doesn't follow the rules. This new stuff sounds pretty sweet, too.
Buckcherry Streams New Tune
Ah, yes. The illustrious F-word. Buckcherry has recently chosen to make an entire EP out of the word. Yes, the brand new EP is simply the F-word in its grand splendor. The new songs off the EP also feature that non-radio friendly, yet perfect word. Check out a new tune here.
Other Great West Texas Festivals
I thought I'd take a minute to look at some of the other great big shows happening around the area.  Wait, there are none.  No one is heading to Amarillo for their rock stations party.  Midland-Odessa gets a few good shows, but not really festivals.  Abilene turns out great …

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