Draytor Opens For Chevelle To Excited Crowd (PIX)
Dallas band Draytor opened for Chevelle at the Lonestar Pavilion to the raves of new fans. I've always loved a female vocalist, and now I have found a new one. I think that we will be seeing this young band again in the future! Here are preshow fan photos along with the Draytor concert photos.
Chevelle Hits The Hub Tuesday Night
If you've got nothing exciting to do this week, prepare to have something exciting to do this week. Chevelle is going to be at the Lonestar Pavilion, which means you need to be there too. Have some more details.
The Real Five: Chevelle [VIDEO]
Chevelle returns to the Hub on July15th.  Here's an opportunity to check out the best of the best to get pumped for the show.  Once again there's no "critic" element in this list. This is the top 5 MOST PLAYED tracks from Chevelle.
Chevelle Drops New Details On New Album
La Gargola is the brand new album hitting stores on the 1st of April from Chevelle and new details have been released including the track list and the album art. Get a glimpse here.

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