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Comedy Club: Jim Gaffigan On Southern Food [VIDEO]
Jim Gaffigan's latest special is "Obsessed". Gaffigan is out of Illinois but his topics are incredibly universal. Chief among his "obsessions" is food, that's why I selected the upcoming bit called "Southern Food".
Comedy Club: Chris Porter [NSFW/VIDEO]
I just discovered Chris Porter on Netflix. His special is called "Ugly And Angry".  It is laugh out loud hilarious and he does not slow down one bit. I can't tell you how many specials I've watched where there was a little chunk of material that had me checking the t…
Comedy Club: Bill Burr [VIDEO]
Did you watch Breaking Bad? If so, you might find that Bill Burr looks very familiar. Bill played "Kuby" who partnered with Huell to do some of Saul's dirty work. What you may not know is that he's one of the best stand up comedians out there.
Comedy Club: Jim Jefferies On “Drinking Games”
Jim Jefferies is a modern day comedy genius. He is one of a very few that can step in and help fill the void left by the passing of George Carlin.  A lot of his stuff is really raunchy, but I chose a clip for you that I think a lot of us can relate to.
Comedy Club: Josh Blue [VIDEO]
I ran across this video of Josh Blue who was on Last Comic Standing. Blue has cerebral palsy and that's where a lot of his comedy is centered.  Regardless of his condition, he's a VERY funny comedian.  He was the first comic ever on Ellen, he's been on Mind of Mencia and won…