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Man Chainsaws Off Hand For The Insurance [AUDIO]
Man there are a million insurance scams out there.  It kind of ticks me off because the rest of us have to pay for these scams with increased premiums.  For the thieves though, there's always the question of "how bad do you want it?"  For instance how much for y…
Man Steals Dog [AUDIO]
I'm glad we don't get much of what I'd call "street crime" around here.  I'm talking about being robbed while walking in a park or just down the street.  Sure, we have plenty of crime, but I feel relatively safe going about my daily business.  In …
Angry Lesbian Hit And Run Rampage [AUDIO]
I tried to think of a more descriptive title for this story.  I really did.  But if "Angry lesbian hit and run rampage" doesn't hook you in, I doubt anything will.  This story is terrible, and for a number of reasons.  Check it out after the jump.
Crackheads Gone Wild [AUDIO]
You want proof of the damage that crack does? Well, a lot of our awesome stories involve some crackhead doing something stupid.  Today is no exception.  Today we weave a fabulous tale of "the Crackhead Truck Driver Meets Officer Friendlies Taser". More after the jump.
Woman Cites Big Breasts For Not Complying With D.W.I. Test [AUDIO]
Drunk people are funny (when they aren't killing people by driving drunk). Police had "heard it all" but this may be a new one; the woman in question said she couldn't stand on one leg because her big boobs would mess up her balance.  I don't know about you, but…
Robbery Stopped By Good Samaritans Punch [AUDIO]
You've heard the story of Cinderella and the glass slipper.  Just to fresh you, the prince has to match the slipper up with the proper foot. After this robbery, the police have something else to match up to their criminal.  Details after the jump.
Pharmacy Robbery Goes Bad [AUDIO]
Don't we all just love it when a crook gets coming to them. If more people just had the opportunity to beat the living sh!t out of crooks, I think there might be less crooks.  I know I'd be less likely to rob a place if I knew I was going to be punched in the face for a half hour.&nbs…
You Won’t Believe What Delinquent Teens Are Into Now [AUDIO]
Ah, those frisky teens. What with their switchblades and twistin' around the maltshop. There's just no telling what kind of fads their going to latch onto next. You'd think they'd have thought of all the ways to be hoodlums that are possible, but you'd be wrong!

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