RockShow Threesome: The Best Way To Deal With “Found Money”
Have you ever fantasized about finding a bunch of cash?  Are you one of those people who would return it, return it and hope for a reward or keep it?  Well if you return it, the reason you probably returned it is you didn't want to screw someone else out of that money.  For that …
RockShow Threesome: How Many People Pee In The Pool?
Man there's a lot of pee in pools.  It ain't right, but it's probably not half as bad as the other stuff that's coming off you when you get in there.  Heck, the oceans nothing but a fish toilet (thank you Surf Punks).  More after the jump.
RockShow Threesome: Man Uses Entire Town As Driving Range
If there's one thing I know about golfers, it's that they take their game SERIOUSLY.  I also know that many of them like to have a drink or two while they play.  Now imagine getting snockered and just going downtown and starting to hit balls at random business, cars, people, and …

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