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Which Rock Star Would You Spend The Day With?
Let's play a game of pretend. You have just been granted 1 wish, but this wish has restrictions. Which "Rock Star" would you spend the day with and why? That's right, your genie will only grant you the wish of spending a day with your favorite "Rock Star"…
Dave Grohl Tells “Glee” Where to Stick It [VIDEO]
It's not too often that I find myself liking much from the Foo Fighters, but this is one instance that I fully back the band and their front man, Dave Grohl. Grohl was recently asked if one of the FF's songs could be used on "Glee." Keep reading to see what Grohl had to say about…
New Foo Fighters [VIDEO]
When you're the uber cool Dave Grohl, you can have Lemmy (of Motorhead) as your limo driver! This video is low budget and it kicks ass! Feast your eyes and ears on White Limo by the Foo Fighters.