10 TGIF Memes to Celebrate the Weekend
It's a very special day. It's Friday! In case this terrible, terrible song doesn't quite capture how excited we are for the weekend (we so excited), here are some memes. In case the memes don't adequately express how excited we are for the weekend, just look for the person wearin…
Dog Wants A Kitty To Play With [VIDEO]
The first "talking dog" video from these folks was just kind of a goof.  Now it's serving a good purpose; to find more animals a home.  Even though there is an underlying message, it's still a pretty fun video to watch.  More after the jump.
Every Dog Has Its Day, Seriously
After a family gave up on their white Poodle "Shorty" during the turmoil of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the now 15-year-old dog has been found in Kannapolis, North Carolina in miraculous and mysterious fashion.

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