Prom And Graduation [VIDEO]
It's that time of year again, area high schools are gearing up for prom, and they are all preparing for graduation.
Then of course we have South Plains College, LCU, Wayland, and Texas Tech (this weekend) holding their graduation ceremonies in the coming days and weeks ahead...
Voodoo Lounge Live [PICS]
The Texas Cafe is the new home for the FMX Voodoo Lounge Live. Click through for more information on the new FMX Voodoo Lounge.
My Top 5 Favorite Guitarists: #5 [VIDEO]
After K.K. Downing announced his retirement on (April 20) following 42 years with Judas Priest, it got me to thinking about my all time favorite guitarists. Click through to see who at put at #5 in my "Top 5 Guitarists of All-Time."

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