FMX’s 2011 Breakthrough Artist of the Year – Vote Now
2011 was a big year for new music for rock. Killer bands made the big jump and are now becoming house hold names on the rock front. From AWOLNATION to My Darkest Days to others, 2011 was a big year in rock. Check out our list of breakthrough artists of 2011 and tell us who you think should get top h…
Emphatic “Bounces” Wreckers [VIDEO]
Before the show Friday night, we ran into the boys from Emphatic having some dinner at the Depot District Oyster Bar, when they told us their bus call wasn't until 6am, me and Rooster looked at each other and knew that is was going to be one of those nights!!
This Could Be The Song Of The Summer [VIDEO]
Don't you just love those songs that sound like they were written for the strip bar? I don't mean literally, but I love rock with a little sleeze, and this one has the sleaze to please!