Scary Good Footage From Carnival Of Madness In Lubbock
These videos I'm about to post are a little bothersome.  They are far from perfect and like most videos from a concert the sound is usually blown out.  Some of the shots of the bands and crowds though, make me concerned about the future of cameras at concerts.  I hope bands will start to understand …
Lubbock’s Concert Season Cut Short
Now, the story can be told.  We've had two major shows hit the skids.  One was a national tour that got the official cancellation today, the other was going to be a *new* signature event.  Can you handle find out what you're going to miss?  If so, click through.
Madness Hits The Hub
It's not uncommon for things to get a little bit crazy in this town on weekends, any of you that have joined us for Voodoo Lounge at Jake's can vouch for me on this.

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