F'd Up History

Heathen Has No Hope For Herpes [AUDIO]
It's another edition of "F@#$ed up History". Are you ready to learn a little something? We promise it won't be too painful. We'll even kiss you afterwards. What, what's that on my lip? Oh, it's just a dry spot.  Yeah, just a dry spot, I promise. More a…
Another Epic Moment In History [AUDIO]
It's another edition of "F@#$ed Up History".  This one is especially over the edge. Based on truth but basted with uncouth, learn something about the past next.
George Washington’s Parting Words [AUDIO]
We got the latest in "F@#$ed Up History" for you.  We continuously look for the low lights in American and world history to bring you the obscure and sometimes made up facts.  Today we have George Washington's parting words.