The Worst Things You Can Do With Fireworks
Fireworks go on sale today in Lubbock. Don't forget that's Lubbock County, fireworks are still illegal in city limits. Let's also not forget that all fireworks involve fire and the possibility of some type of explosion.
Cops Have All The Fun-Blowing Up Illegal Fireworks [VIDEO]
Police in New York confiscated some 5,000 POUNDS of illegal fireworks. That's a crapload of boomsticks and whistlin' snizzers. Usually when cops catch some illegal stuff they have to burn the evidence. And that's what they did this time too. What happens when you put fireworks in a gi…
Heathen Breaks The Fireworks Law [VIDEO]
So yeah I understand that there's a crapload of fires everywhere in Texas, and would never be one to put firefighters in more jeopardy than they already are, but this is Independence Day dammit! I want some fireworks. So here's me, with the aid of a midget friend, not one of my daughters C…
Where You Can And Can’t Shoot Fireworks In Texas [PIC]
Simple enough. With the drought and extreme wildfire conditions going on in our state I figured it would be nice to show you where they have banned fireworks from being set off. In pretty  much all of these counties they have also cancelled any city fireworks displays too so you might as well avoid …

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