FMX Birthday Bash

Huge Benefit & Huge Prizes This Friday Night
The band "Whips & Kisses" will be performing a benefit show this Friday night at Jake's.  Not only do we think it would make an excellent warm up show for the 'Bash happening the following night, you could also win tickets to that show, and another show, and …
The RockShow Takes On Adrian Patrick Of Otherwise [AUDIO]
We had a chance to spend a few minutes with Adrian Patrick of Otherwise and we were impressed.  We asked him about he band, about dumb facial hair and the bands booze of choice. He was totally cool and we had him rollin'.  Listen in on the interview after the break.
4 Days Away From The FMX Birthday Bash [VIDEO]
If you have ever been to a rock show you know there a few things you can bet you will be seeing a lot of, one is drinking, the other is tattoos. The fans have them, your friend that drove you to the show probably has 'em, you most likely have at least one, and the guys on stage more likely than…
Five Days From The FMX Birthday Bash [VIDEO]
magine you were sitting in a tattoo parlor having the finishing touches put on a back piece and in walks one of your favorite rock stars to get a tattoo. If you were in Minneapolis tonight at Leviticus Tattoo and you're a huge Papa Roach fan you might very well have found yourself in that exact…
Score A Cool FMX 2013 Concert Poster
We have some very limited edition posters that bring together the Big Three shows we have on the way. The FMX Birthday Bash, the FMX Spring Thing & Xfest 10 are all well represented in these very large, very cool posters.  Scoring one is pretty easy too. More after the jump.
Papa Roach “Still Swinging” Live In Europe [VIDEO]
Papa Roach is whoopin' that European ass!  The band is touring overseas with Stone Sour before returning to the USA to rock the FMX Birthday Bash.  If you watch this video and don't want to see the band live, then you need to check your pulse. This is real rock and it's on f…

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