Get Ready To Cheer The Aggies On [VIDEO]
Yes, this may be the only time you ever cheer for Texas A & M. This weekend the Aggies take on O.U. in the Cotton Bowl and future Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury will be there. More after the jump.
Another Reason To Be Jealous Of U.T. [VIDEO]
Our friends with "Burnt Orange Tailgating" have another cool video. This one features remarkably smokin' hot girls! Yep, the Burnt Orange boys found a great reason to stick something suggestive in these girls faces. Check out some the "Austin Talent" after th…
Texas Tech Football: Leave It On The Field
I don't even understand why people get all worked up about ball games.  Well, I kind of do, but once the game is over, it's over. We can 'renew' the rivalry in about 50 weeks.   The problem is the University wants you worked up to buy tickets, vendors want you worked up…
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite NFL Team?
We know there's a lot of Cowboys fans in Lubbock, and for some reason there seems to be an abundance of Steeler's fans as well.  I don't follow much anymore, but I used to be a Chargers fan.  More after the jump.
Act Like You Scored Before Jackass!
I hate when players celebrate. I think it makes you look like a moron.  It makes you look like a newbie. And in some cases, it backfires.  Sure Vernon Davis scored, but his little celebration sure made him look silly.  More after the jump.
Our Sport Station Guys Are Stupid Crazy For Tech
Our poor sports guy at 1340thefan want Tech to succeed so badly, they're willing to realllllllllllllly stretch the facts. Okay, technically the facts are the facts, but you have to dig just a little deeper to see what's really going on. More after the jump.
Floyd Mayweather Bets On The Cowboys, And Wins!
When I go to Vegas, I pretty much say, 'okay, I'm going to loose $200 bucks'.  Once I know I'm going to lose, I can just enjoy the ride.  I'm basically paying $200 to play video games, which you like to call slot machines and poker machines.  All of this is to say, I'm not really a better, I'm more …

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