21 Random Facts About Super Bowl Sunday
It is so 2011 to be the person at the Super Bowl party who knows all the little statistical factoids about the teams and the game. So how about this year you’re not that guy? How about, this year, you’re the genius who knows all the useless trivia about everything&nbs…
Puppy Bowl VIII To Feature “Piggie Pep Squad”
Who doesn't watch "Puppy Bowl? Well if you haven't, you're missing out. Puppy Bowl is broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday on Animal Planet and it's a fun counter-programming effort. Basically it's a bunch of puppies playing on a football field like playing surface. Wait,…
Smokin’ Poll: Where Will You Be On Superbowl Sunday?
The big game is coming up and most of us make some kind of plan to enjoy the day.  Will you be staying on the coach, hitting a private party, or hitting a sports bar?  Where are you going to be on Superbowl Sunday?  Let us know!  Thanks!
More details on the Smokin' Poll afte…
ESPN Gamecast a Sweet Way To Keep Up With a Game
There are always situations where you can't get to a TV or a radio, and, maybe like me, you had work to do but want to keep up with the game.  Last night I headed over to ESPN and logged onto Gamecast.  Click through for
NFL Playoff Recap – AFC and NFC Championships
Two thrilling conference championship games produced a Super Bowl pairing: the New England Patriots will face the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Feb. 5. Here’s a recap of all of Sunday’s NFL action:
NFC Championship

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