What if Football Was a Nature Documentary? [VIDEO]
What if college football wasn't announced by your favorite play by play man or color analyst? What if your favorite rivalry was turned into a nature documentary? Check out this great video that features Iowa and Wisconsin set to a National Geographic theme when you click through.
NFL Rookies Attacked By Gorilla [VIDEO]
Prospects at an NFL combine were given an extreme workout. It's not enough that you have to run drills, you may have to fight gorillas! Check out the video and shop for your own gorilla suit after the jump.
Texas Tech Football is Back!
Attention football fans. The long wait for your fix on football is almost near its end. The Texas Tech Red Raider football team will take the field on Friday February 18th for their first official Spring practice. Keep reading to get the details on the spring practice schedule and the annual Red and…
Lingerie Bowl 2011 [PICS]
The Lingerie Bowl was played in yadda, yadda, yadda, who cares. Just check out hot chicks playing football.
Trick Shot Quarterback [VIDEO]
Ok,we've all seen those commercials with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan doing their trick shots. Well, I stumbled upon this video of Johnny Mac, quarterback for UConn, doing football trick shots. Are the shots real? I think so, but honestly, it doesn't matter, these are freakin' bad…
Steelers Win Superbowl
Okay, EA Sports runs a Superbowl Simulation and it's been correct six out of the last seven times. This years prediction? Get the final score after the jump.
Week in Sports [PHOTOS]
This week in sports, the contenders for the Vince Lombardi trophy were whittled down to four, tennis stars competed for the Australian Open title, and snowboarders defied gravity at the Snowboard World Championships in Spain. These are some of the weeks best moments caught on camera...
The Jets Put Their Best Foot Forward
New York dipped their toes a little deeper into the playoff water today with a win over New England, 28 -21. By kicking the Patriots to the curb today the Jets have their foot in the door to  play the Steelers next Sunday to determine the AFC Champion. I'm sure this game will be&…
Steelers vs. Ravens
Since the Titans blew it and didn't make the playoff's, I guess I'm forced to cheer for the Steelers so Woody doesn't cut me off.... So, Big Ben and Troy "Million Dollar Hair" Polamalu, I'm counting on a win over the Raven's Saturday; or somebody'…
Brett Favre
Brett Favre has announced his final retirement, again.  We have put together a gallery some great pictures of the man (not including the ones of his wiener his allegedly sent out)
Mike Leech Denied
Would it be no Turtle Pirate, or Pirate turtle?  Mike Leach will have some time to think it over since he WON'T be the coach of the Maryland Terrapins.  Leach was thought to have the lead in the coaching race but Maryland officials have announced that UConn coach Randy Edsall has the …

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