Golfer Hits Seagull With Golfball
Throughout sports history there have been times where animals and reptilians have made their way unto the playing field. This golfer is teeing off and you can see the seagull chilling out and he flubs the shot and hits the bird with his tee shot.
Golfing With Your Pants Down [VIDEO]
Today was a great day for a round of golf, so I met up with some of my bros and we teed off. There is a unspoken rule when you tee off and your ball doesn't go past the women's tee, you drop your pants.
Want to Play Golf With Hank Baskett III?
Hank Baskett III wants you to play golf for a good cause on May 7th. Join Hank and friends at his golf tournament in New Mexico and find out how you can play golf with Hank himself. Get more information on the tournament when you click through.