Some People Do The Nastiest Things [VIDEO]
Recently, I was sitting in the dentist office when I over heard the receptionist telling the hygienist there was a man on the phone asking if it was OK to "clean off" the dental floss. Naturally the hygienist asked what exactly he meant by "clean off" the floss.
Are You Ready For “The Tower Of Sour”?
So Big comes in to tell me about "Crazybones" suckers.  They're cool.  They're regular lollipops except the stick looks like a skeletal leg or arm.  I'm thinking, cool, I'll Google this and see if I can get some for this Halloween.  I found t…
Why Or Why Won’t Fear Factor Be On Tonight [AUDIO]
Who doesn't love Fear Factor. I personally like the fact that it is almost always out of work, wanna be actors willing to embarrass themselves for money. It's barely a step above porn. Well, tonight Fear Factor is scheduled to display a stunt that may or may not be aired.