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A X-Mas Message From Shinedown
Brent from Shinedown has some holiday gift giving advice for you. Yes, some people are hard to shop for.  How do you find something they really like?  Do they rock?  Then maybe you should take Brent's advice. More after the jump.
Preview Some “All That Remains” On Vinyl
I always listen to the two or three songs that are stickered on the front of a c.d. first. It's not something you should necessarily do, but it tells me the record companies 'intentions' when it comes to releasing singles from that album. Rather than open my shiny new c.d., on a whim I went to YouTu…
Three Days Grace Gives A Shout Out To The Hub
Three Days Grace is coming to the Hub with Shinedown and P.O.D.  This is such a big lineup in itself that we decided to make it this years X-Fest.  The tour kind of positions Three Days Grace and Shinedown as the headliners, but as far as I'm concerned, we have THREE headliners. …
Volbeat Rocks FMX “Spring Thing”
The band FMX listeners have requested most, is coming to the Hub as FMX Welcomes "Volbeat".  It's gonna be a packed night in the Pavilion when the great Danes comes to town to rock.  More after the jump.
X-Fest Fourpacks On Sale Wednesday Morning
You can save about $80 on tickets for X-Fest if you're willing to buy a four pack. The first 125 people to buy four tickets will get them for $100 plus service charge. More after the jump.
Green Day’s Third Is A Charm
Green Days third is better than their second but not as good as their first. Got it? The latest from Green Day is "Tre'" named after drummer Tre' Cool. It's better than Dos, but not as good as Uno. More after the jump.
The Real Five: Papa Roach
We are stoked to have Papa Roach as a co-headliner for the FMX Birthday Bash.  In our opinion either Papa Roach or Stone Sour could sell out the Pavilion all alone, but to have both together is awesome.  More after the jump.
The Real Five: Stone Sour
The "Real Five" is back with a look at one of our Birthday Bash Bands.  We're going to look at the five most played songs from "Stone Sour" (with videos) after the jump.
Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne
The "Prince Of Darkness" Ozzy Osbourne celebrates his birthday today.  Ozzy is 64 years old.  The pride of Birmingham England is currently preparing a Black Sabbath album and some live tour dates.  More after the jump.
Staind “Something To Remind You” Live
This song is just so freaking good and so touching, it's just now surfacing. It's from Staind's last album, which the record company quite pushing a while back. I've got a live version of "Something To Remind You" recorded live that will make the hairs on the ba…
Kid Rock Travels Further Into WTF land.
Kidd Rock has released another video from his new project and ...................................................................sorry I had to go throw up a little.  The Kid has always had some soul in his records, but this is just kind of dumb.

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