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New Drowning Pool “Saturday Night”
Drowning Pool has teamed with something called "Noisecreep" to bring you the debut of their latest song.  This is the first track featuring new vocalist Jason Moreno (ex-Suicide Hook).  More after the jump.
Green Day React To Disrespect At Music Festival
You know that thing we have called radioPup?  It's that little app that allows you to hear our radio stations across the country. Well, most of the ginormous radio stations (you know that ones that lay people off everyday and have this corporate sterilized playlists) have iHeartRadio.  Well, to prom…
New Soundgarden And Avenged Sevenfold Coming To FMX
We've been talking about the new Soundgarden for a while, mostly because it was supposed to drop last week, before it was pushed up to Thursday of this week.  The arrival of a new Avenged Sevenfold caught us a bit by surprise.  More after this jump.
Green Day Delivers An Amazing Return To Thier Roots
Just finished ONE listen to Green Day's "Uno" and I could not be more excited.  In fact there are a lot of things I should be doing rather than writing this, but I wanted to dash out my initial thoughts.  My first thought is WOW!  More after the jump.
In This Moment & Hellyeah Booked At Jake’s
In This Moment & Hellyeah have confirmed show at Jake’s.  Two of the hottest acts on the road will be appearing on separate nights in Jake’s Backroom.  We’ve even managed to hook you up with some “low-dough&CloseCurlyDoubleQuote…
Five Finger Death Punch Invites Young Fans On Stage
First off, I guess I have to say that the following video contains profanity.  Now that we're all pretending that profanity is not part of our daily lives, let's move on.  This is ten minutes of cool video from Five Finger Death Punch.  More after the jump.
Falling In Reverse November 24th In Lubbock
The weekend after Thanksgiving Texas Tech hosts Baylor and the Pavilion hosts "Falling In Reverse". It should be a rockin' night in the Hub with a full lineup of new rock. Click through for the deets!
The Texas Top Ten: Pantera’s Top Ten
I saw a Loudwire list of the top ten Pantera songs and it was off, to say the least.  Then I realized, those Yankee baby-bottle suckers don't know what's up with the official Metal Band of Texas.  More after the jump.
Scary Good Footage From Carnival Of Madness In Lubbock
These videos I'm about to post are a little bothersome.  They are far from perfect and like most videos from a concert the sound is usually blown out.  Some of the shots of the bands and crowds though, make me concerned about the future of cameras at concerts.  I hope bands will start to understand …
See Three Days Grace “Chalk Outline” Video Now!
Yeppers, the RockShow laid out a full on world premiere of the new 3 Days Grace this morning and it's a pipelayer!  It's a little dubstep inspired but totally rockin'.  The guys have really outdid themselves this time.  Now, they've release a lyric video for the tu…
Guns N’ Roses Rock Las Vegas
Guns n' Roses have scheduled a three and a half week run in Vegas.  The tickets went on sale this morning at ten a.m., but you still may have a chance for a day or two of debauchery in Sin City

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