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New In This Moment “Blood”
The new "In This Moment" is so good it gave me double ear boners right away.  This song is so friggin' next generation rock/metal that I am pumped.  Here is a great bunch of people who have busted ass to make a dent in the scene and they've delivered a pipelayer!  They could have tried to …
Slipknot And Stone Sour News
How can any Monday suck that brings us both Stone Sour and Slipknot news.  The answer is: it can't!!! We got the name of the new Stone Sour double for you, plus the song lineup as well as bonus disc info for the new Slipknot c.d..  Hold onto your business and click through for the stu…
Seether Dicks Texas Again With No Tour Dates
Seether used to be real regulars around these parts. Turnout for their shows was pretty good too. It seems lately though, that the band is avoiding Texas whenever possible. This is especially strange since the drummer technically called DFW home for a while.  More after the jump.
Three More “Antenna’s To Hell” Released
The Slipknot promotional machine keeps ramping up for "Antenna's To Hell".  Three more promotional videos were released in rapid succession. The only thing weird is that #6 was skipped over (so far).  Click through for three videos.
Social Distortion Books San Antonio Show
If you're a fan of Social Distortion, get ready to head to San Antonio, it's the only Texas date on their expanded Fall tour.  The band never really has been know for hitting every burg on the map (bummer, since we live in the burg), but having only one option to see them kind of suck…
Black Stone Cherry Return to Lubbock, Tonight!
Black Stone Cherry rocks the but tonight and I'll bet you don't even realize how many songs of theirs you know.  Try to name some right now, count 'em up and then we'll list the ones we played on the other side.
Check Out Awesome Foxy Shazam “Holy Touch” Video
Sometimes I don't know what to think of Foxy Shazam.  They may be a bit of a joke, or they may be the future of rock.  All you have to do is watch their videos and you can be instantly transfixed with this band.  Coming up, I have TWO killer videos for you. The first is a lyric v…
Five Finger Death Punch Freebies-It’s On!
We've got Ian Moore tonight and Black Stone Cherry coming up Wednesday, but we're pulling out the big guns for Memorial Day weekend. We're officially starting the giveaway for Five Finger Death Punch.
Top 500 Absolute Rock Tracks This Weekend
We've got four days of badass rock for you this Memorial Day Weekend.  FMX will once again present the indisputable chart of all charts starting this Friday.  This isn't your daddy's list though.  This year we're presenting a list based on just the last fifteen yea…
Is Carnival Of Madness Coming To Lubbock?
Don't believe everything you read folks.  A proposed "Carnival Of Madness" tour date in Lubbock is still in flux!  How do I know this?  It's my parent company negotiating for the date.  This one is far from buttoned up, but we're hopeful.  Fi…
Mark Tremonti “You Waste Your Time” Video-See It Here!
We've had a lot of proud moments at FMX.  For instance, FMX was the first radio station in the nation to play Pantera's "Walk" on the air.  As luck would have it, FMX is the first station in the nation to play Mark Tremonti's new song on the air.  More…

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