Scream: The Death Scene That Started It All
Scream was the first movie I ever watched twice, back-to-back.  It took everything I loved about horror movies, stripped away the cheese and brought it up to date.  One of the most 'shocking' things it did was take the biggest 'star' and kill her off first.  Drew Barrymore was up for the challenge, …
How Big Of A Horror Movie Fan Are You? [VIDEO]
I love this little cartoon/test.  It features scenes and/or characters from famous and not so famous horror movies.  The cartoons are faceless so that makes the quiz a little harder.  I just shouted out the names of the ones I knew and I think I got about 20 of 26.  How many can …
The Walking Dead Will Return in 2012
AMC announced today that they have renewed "The Walking Dead" for a third season. So where does the story go from here?  Read more (without spoilers) after the break.
The Truth About Zombies [VIDEO]
I'm pretty excited about this book. Much like "World War Z" and the "Zombie Survival Guide" the "Zombie Autopsies" treats Zombies with a bit more of a scientific tact. Read more after the jump.
Killer Tire On The Loose [VIDEO]
Are you ready to get your "Rubber" on? Rubber is the story of a killer tire named Robert that discovers it has psychic powers. Check out the Red Band (naughty) trailer after the jump.
30 Days Of Night Dark Days [VIDEO]
I loved 30 Days of Night for making Vampires scary again, and I love the sequel: 30 Days of Night-Dark Days. Most sequels just tell the first story over (like NEW teenager face Freddy). This sequel is it's predecessors equal!