Please Jesus, Come Whoop the Money Lenders Asses!
One of the only times Jesus expressed anger in the Bible is when he found the money lenders in the temple. Well, the moneylenders are just about due for another J-Dog asswhoopin'! This DOES affect you and I'll have the story next.
Jesus Christ: The Dragon Tamer [VIDEO] NSFW
Did you know there was a bunch of stuff "left out" of the Bible? Does it bother you that you're not getting the full story? Did you know that Jesus killed a couple of other kids when he was young?
Jesus Gives a Woman an Orgasm [VIDEO]
I never know what to make of videos like this, but I've watched this one about 20 times in a row. This cute girl is over come by a higher power which puts any drunk frat boy to shame. Check out the video and count how many times the bald guy yells "bam."